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Who We Are

Bleeding Edge is a world class provider of outsourced sales and business development services for startup and fortune 500 companies.

Specializing in new markets and cutting edge technologies we help companies large and small with the most important part of business, customer acquisition, engagement and retention!

Target Market

Our experienced and versatile sales executives engage with targeted customer segments to effectively communicate your message and grow your brand. Every sales executive will immerse themselves in your organization, its culture and product goals. Working with you to define the right go to market strategy.

Customer Engagement

Your sales executives will develop a strategy that will encourage customers to interact and share feedback on your product or technology. When executed well, a strong customer engagement strategy will help to enhance your product while fostering brand growth and loyalty.

Customer Acquisition

Simply put, we sell, that’s what we’re good at. Our sales executives become an extension of your brand and your team, representing only one company in any category. They become experts in your product or technology so they can engage effectively with customers to meet or exceed goals and expectations.

Customer Retention

Customer retention is the key difference between companies that grow and those that stall. The investment to acquire a new customer is 6 times more costly than selling to an existing one. This is why our sales executives ensure customers feel appreciated, making it more likely you will reach your goals.

What We Do

Our services are tailored to make your business grow without breaking the budget.

According to LinkedIn Salary, the average base salary for the role of a sales executive in United States is $150,000 with a total compensation package of $205,000. Bleeding Edge can help significantly reduce, and even eliminate this cost burden, by employing a we win when you win service model.

Market Research

Even if you don’t need a full-blown focus group or primary research effort, you might be surprised how often what you believe your prospects think doesn’t match up with reality. We engage with prospects and target consumers to see what they think about the product or service. What they want and how much they’re willing to pay.

We will engage in secondhand research on the market, competitors, and your target audience to ensure you are best positioned for success.

Doing it yourself? - Expect to spend $5,000 to $50,000

Product Positioning

Once the market research is complete we will work to determine your positioning and overall marketing strategy. We will help you answer the questions, what is your differentiation? Why should someone buy or use your product or technology? The development of this product positioning will help to guide sales and business development efforts.

Once we have answered the “what” and the “why” we will determine “how” you’re going to gain market share. Define a strategy and go execute!

Doing it yourself? - Expect to spend $1,500 to $25,000

Identity Development

If you’re like most engineers or inventors you’ve been focused on product development and not sales. Brand identity is derived from your positioning and strategy and spans every aspect of interaction between the consumer and your company. This includes visual branding, customer experience, and more. First impressions are everything.

If company presentation looks low-end or cheap, chances are you’ll be perceived poorly. We work to make you look professional in every aspect.

Doing it yourself? - Expect to spend $2,500 to $15,000

Areas of Focus

Here are some of the areas we are currently focused on.


General, Commercial, Rotary

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Here at bleeding edge we bring expertise and focus in all things aviation related. If you’re interested in penetrating the business, commercial or rotary markets we can help!

Augmented Reality


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Augmented reality is the next great evolution in our connected world. We want to help you create the edge or reality.

Artificial Intelligence


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There are many types of artificial intelligence here at Bleeding Edge we are focused on Strong AI technologies.

Green Tech

Green Energy, Emissions & C02 Reduction

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Bleeding Edge is passionate about the development and proliferation or products and technologies that will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and reversing the impact of CO2 emissions.

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Have an idea or an epic product in mind? Talk to us. Let’s work together and make something great. Drop us a line at somethinggreat@bleedingedgesales.com

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